Beware of Illegal Drivers..

All minibus drivers who are using the bus for private hire use in exchange for money (Reward) must comply with the basic drivers rules:

1) Must hold a D1 category on their drivers licence. Anyone who passed their driving test before 1st January 1997 will automatically have the D1 entitlement but it will be restricted with the code 101, which means they can drive a minibus for personal use but not for hire or reward.

2) Must hold a Drivers CPC card (Blue card) with the D1 entitlement.

3) Minibus must display a blue or orange operators disc on the windscreen.

4) On the exterior of the minibus company details must be visible.

Drivers who are not properly licenced will most probably be not insured for the purpose of the journey. Also the minibus will not be maintained to a high standard thus putting themselves and the passengers at risk. And because the driver has not gone through the rigourous testing process to obtain the licence, they will be hazardous to themselves as well as other road users.

Because they don't have high overheads like genuine operators they can undercut everyone with cheaper prices, and most public are just too happy with the cheaper prices and not investigating to see if the minibus or the driver is properly licenced or insured. Like the saying goes "if the prices are too good to be true then it most likely is".

DVSA inspectors monitor the roads on a regular basis, and if your driver is stopped without the proper licence, the drive will be taken away for further questioning, the minibus will be impound and you will be left stranded on the roadside to arrange your transport to continue with your journey. You as a paying passenger it is also your responsibility to make sure you make your tavel arrangemnets with a licenced driver. All minibus drivers are required to carry their drivers licence and Driver CPC card with them. If your driver appears to be suspicious ask them to inspect their licence.

#StaySafe #StayLegal